Team Building

Christophe, Cameleon Alpes Production Manager and CAMBOX Expert tells us his success story…


What is your most beautiful team building creation, the one you are most proud of?

I organized a so-called “Cavale Tête et Jambes” for a group of 160 people, in June 2017. This was an unprecedented and totally customized activity that required a lot of thought in preparation for it (site identification, creation of puzzles and tests, preparation, logistics, etc.)

Even if there is always space for improvement, it was a very nice success!

What is your best team building event and tell us why?

I would say this is our first “City Building” in August 2014 for a group of 320 people in Geneva. We imagined this activity specially for this client. Participants had to think and imagine their city of the future, with the help of a real architect and a graphic designer who designed it live with them.


Then, each team had to reproduce part of the city on a 1.5m x 1.5m format, before putting everything together on a stage that was 9m x 7.5m! The result was great! This activity has since been added to our catalogue.

What was the main goal for the client?

The goal was a collaborative activity with a real common objective, without competition between people. The participants came from all over the world and had to take the opportunity to get to know each other throughout the day.


In order to build their city, teams had access to a so-called “shop”, where they could “buy” materials with coupons they previously earnt during a themed treasure hunt. The coupons were common to all teams, which required them to work together, not to spend unnecessarily. All the teams also had to communicate well with each other so that everything matched when they finally assembled the city!

Can you describe what it is like behind the scenes at Cameleon Alpes' team building production ?

There are two of us to design, imagine and create Team Building activities, and of course, organise them afterwards.

We manage a building of nearly 300m², full of equipment that requires some logistics in terms of organization. Everything is prepared and tested internally before being sold to our customers. As we often say, we have lots of nice toys for our Production!

What's the most secret and unpublished / unique thing in your CAMBOX?

Secrets, I’m full of them but I can’t tell you!